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Our Moving services include homes, businesses, pianos, and more.

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Moving Services

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Qualified Team

Qualified Team

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Looking for a Moving Company in Little Rock to handle your move? You found us Mustard Seed Movers of Arkansas. We are the premier movers in Arkansas. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers. We have experience in local movement in Arkansas, from city to city, state to state, office to office, and home to home. We understand local movement inside out. We serve all of Arkansas by providing professional services. We are centrally located in Little Rock, AR.

What to Expect from Mustard Seed the Little Rock Movers

We understand your need to move from one place to another safely. Here at Mustard Seed, our work is to ensure that you are happy with our services. We are always looking forward to moving you again in future when you need our moving services. We also work professionally to ensure you can refer your friends and family to us. To achieve all that expect to get the following from our moving company.

  1. Qualified Team

The first thing you can expect from us is to be served by people who understand their work. We have a professional team with many years of experience. Everyone in the team is well trained to handle their task. From the customer care staffs to the technical team expect a professional service. Our operator is always one call or text away.

  1. Free Quote

Whenever you want to move, you can always reach out to us. We will give you a personalized free quote. Contact us anytime, and you will get a quote for your move. To get a quote you can reach us through a phone call, text message or send us an email.

  • Competitive Prices

We offer the best market prices in Little Rock. We always publish our prices for our customers to compare them. There are no hidden charges. Everything is made clear to the customers. To see our prices kindly check on our website on the Menu Bar under ‘Rates Information’ category. The prices can be customized to your move. Contact us to get a quote for your move.

  1. Free Estimates

To plan your move, it’s important to know the time it can take. Every time you need time and price estimates you can always contact us. We will calculate the estimates for you. After coming up with the estimates, our team will call you back and give you the time and price estimates for your move. This will help you in planning.

Our Moving Services

We believe in offering our services from our souls as we are offering to the Lord and not to the men. The following are our major services.

  1. Piano Moving Service

Mustard Seed Moving of Arkansas offers a flat rate in moving Piano. We understand pianos are delicate, heavy and expensive. We give utmost care to ensure they reach the final destination in good conditions as they were before moving. We achieve this by using a high-quality blanket to wrap. After delivering your piano, we always recommend you to tune it to ensure it arrived in good condition.

  1. Office Moving Services

Are moving your office? Let us do it for you in a professional way. At Mustard Seed Moving to Arkansas, we ensure your office moving has minimal impact on your daily operations. We move fast and on time but slow enough to ensure your office moves safely. We first estimate your move and advice you on the best time to move your office. This ensures that your move doesn’t affect much of your business operations.

  • House Moving Services

We are the Little Rock Movers who will make your housing moving hassle free. We will move everything in your house. We pack everything and label it clearly to ensure everything in the new house it goes to the room where it should be.

  1. Loading/Unloading a storage facility or rental truck Services

This is a burden in the Little Rock city. Leave the burden to us, and we will handle it for you.

We are the Little Rock Movers who will solve all of your moving needs. We also offer other services which are Gun Safes, Armoires, Golf Carts, Tanning Beds, Copy Machines, Mainframes, Riding lawn mowers and any other moving need.